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What is a learnership?

It is a structured learning programme during which the learner spends some time learning theory and some time learning practical skills in the workplace.

It leads to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Such a qualification is designed to provide not only technical and work-specific skills, but life skills such as communication and teamwork.

Before the programme is implemented, a contract is drawn up by the employer, the learner and an accredited skills development training provider, such as MSC Business College.

What are the benefits of learnerships to employers?
Learnerships involve a high portion of on-the-job training so your productivity is not impacted as much as with traditional learning methods.
Learnerships carry tax incentives and grants to make them more financially attractive. SETAS offer cash grants for learnerships and the government offers companies tax incentives for participation in learnerships.
Your business can improve its competitiveness by earning additional points on the BBBEE scorecard that are reserved for learnership training.
Learnerships are plugged into the National Qualifications Framework so that they give access to further learning and are nationally recognised.
SARS offers a tax break of R60 000 per learner on a Learnership

As training programmes that combine theory and relevant practical elements, learnerships create skilled people who:

Tend to work more independently, need less supervision and possess enhanced problem solving capabilities; are motivated and strive to add value to the business; are less likely to leave a company that takes an interest and invests in their personal and professional development.
Enter into learning contracts with unemployed people, contributes to building up the skills pool, from which employers may recruit relevant skills as needed.

The more skills gained, the greater the productivity and the more meaningful the individual’s contribution to South Africa’s global competitiveness and to creating an environment conducive to investment.

The following is a list with some of the popular programmes that MSC Business College Corporate Training has available to be offered as learnerships:


National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations (Forecourt Supervision) (NQF Level 3)
National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations (Visual Merchandising) (NQF Level 3)
National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision (NQF Level 4)


Further Education and Training Certificate: Public Administration (NQF Level 4)
National Certificate: Public Administration (NQF Level 5)
National Certificate Public Sector Accounting (NQF Level 4)
Diploma Public Sector Accounting (NQF Level 5)


National Certificate: Business Administration (NQF Level 3)
Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration (NQF Level 4)
Higher Certificate: Office Administration (NQF Level 5)*
Certificate: Office Administration (NQF Level 5)*


National Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF Level 3)*
Further Education and Training Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF Level 4)*
National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (NQF Level 5)*

These programmes require the host employer / workplace to be approved by the Institute for Certified Bookkeepers before commencement of the learnership.


Further Education and Training Certificate: Marketing (NQF Level 4)
Further Education and Training Certificate: Human Resources Management and Practices Support (NQF Level 4)
Further Education and Training Certificate: Project Management (NQF Level 4)
Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management (NQF Level 4)

Our Philosophy

MSC Corporate Training aims to positively contribute to the economic growth and social upliftment in Africa by instilling and developing a culture of meaningful contributions and lifelong learning by enriching and broadening our learning programmes to include pivotal themes that encourage the mind, skill and character growth within each one of our learners or delegates...

Our Vision

At MSC Corporate Training, we believe that equipping our learners and corporate delegates with the correct attitudes, social and behavioural skills needed is equally as important as offering quality, accredited training programmes to ensure brighter futures for the individual as well as the our corporate clients.


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